Are you ready to join the multitudes moving to regional areas of Australia?

Since COVID-19, thousands of capital city residents have recognised that living in a regional city delivers so many benefits.

A more relaxed lifestyle, plenty of open space, affordable housing, great career opportunities, great schools, fantastic sporting and cultural facilities, less traffic and welcoming communities.

So many regional areas are booming but need skilled workers.

Many cities and towns have more job vacancies than what can be filled by their local populations.

This creates exciting opportunities for individuals, couples and families to move to a new life.


Shift Regional is a digital platform and associated recruitment service that connects skilled workers with employers in regional areas of Australia.

By registering your interest in and willingness to move to a regional city or town, you are taking the first step toward a rewarding new career and the start of a wonderful new lifestyle.

Shift will review your skill, experience and qualifications and then work to match you with an employer that needs your particular skill set.

The service is FREE.

It only takes a couple of minutes to provide a few personal details, select which areas of Regional Australia you are willing to move to, list your primary skill and submit.