Most regional areas of Australia are desperately seeking skilled workers. Many are also desperate to grow their populations. The solutions for both lie in the fact that these cities, towns and villages need people to shift from the capital cities.

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How will this happen?

Only when ALL of the needs of potential new residents are considered and managed does a campaign to shift people succeed.

A better lifestyle on it’s own is not enough.

A job on its own is not enough.

Affordable housing on its own is not enough.

When a region considers and caters for all of these needs – connecting the prospective new residents to work, housing, services, culture, support networks and natural resources – then the likelihood of population growth becomes a reality.

The Shift Regional Solution

Shift Regional is an agency dedicated to the development of regional areas of Australia. A team of specialists committed to growing regional populations, economic resources and cultural success of communities.

Based on over 15 years of direct experience in attracting people from Australian capital cities to regional areas, the combined resources of Shift Regional has seen the evolution of a unique platform.

The suite of services, all digitally enabled, are designed specifically to enhance regional municalities capabilities to attract, nurture and convert new residents.

Through the execution of successful branding, continous marketing, career transition enablement and specialised transition services, all backed by cutting technology automation, the journey to growing population and a skilled workforce begins.

Key Features of the Shift platform.

  • Digital representation of your city, town or region’s key lifestyle attractors.
  • Automated display of current job vacancies available in your location.
  • Automated display of properties for sale in your location
  • An integrated platform to unify understanding and interaction with every potential new resident.
  • A sophisticated profiling application that allows easy identification of the individual’s employment skills, potential economic value to the local Council, current location and other factors that influence recruitment to the region.
  • A simple channel that will connect local employers to the Shift platform. This will allow the identification of specific skills and vacancies that employers find most difficult to fill from the local workforce.