Business owners, managers and human resources executives recognise they need employees to get the job done.

Attracting and retaining skilled, capable and reliable staff is critical to the overall success of any business or organisation.
However, in regional areas of Australia, attracting particular skills and/or experienced staff from the local workforce is not always possible. Often there is no other option but to recruit workers from outside the local region.

This is where Shift Regional can help.

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Getting started

Shift Regional is dedicated to attracting skilled workers to different areas of regional Australia.

The team of specialist marketers, recruiters and technology partners have combined resources to build a unique digital platform that ‘connects all the dots’.

For employers it could not be simpler.

Step 1 – Register your business – FREE

Step 2 – List the skill, qualification , experience and type of job you are wanting to recruit.

What happens next?

  • The Shift team will filter its database of registered candidates – who have indicated their willingness to move to a regional area of Australia (generally from a capital city).
  • If there is a match of your stated skill/need and your location with one or more Shift registered candidates, we will contact you.
  • If you choose to interview the candidate AND you eventually employ him or her, there will be a success fee payable to Shift.
  • Shift Regional also offers a full end-to-end recruitment service for employers seeking more specialised skills and experience. This service can be considered after registering your skills requirements.