The Great Migration to Regional Australia has begun

Australia is experiencing one of the biggest population shifts in our history with residents moving away from our capital cities in their thousands.

Fed up with lockdowns, congested roads and soaring property prices, the appeal of regional Australia is growing by the day.

Whether it be the open spaces, the chance to build your own home and raise a family, or access to amazing schools, universities and hospitals, it has something for everyone.

Shift Regional is looking to bring together the communities, employers on the hunt for specific skills, and individuals and families considering the move.


There has never been a better time to join the thousands leaving capital cities for the beauty of life in regional Australia.

Beautiful towns and cities are embracing new residents, so start your search below.

Business colleagues walking and talking



Regional communities have a lot to offer residents from capital cities looking for a new lifestyle, and a lot to gain by providing the ideal destination.

Population is one of the biggest influences in local economies, and by presenting the benefits of your towns or cities, you can supercharge vital growth, and find quality people who can become part of the fabric of their community.


Finding the right person for the right role can be challenging at the best of times but when the pool of people to choose from is small, it’s even harder.

Shift Regional is helping expand the number of potential candidates by providing a connection point with those open to a move regionally.